About Arts4All

Arts as a mean of social cohesion in the digital era

The COVID pandemic has brought about dramatic changes. The restrictions in social events and activities have created a need for alternative ways of “doing things” accelerating the use of new technologies in everyday activities. This new situation brought many changes to the arts and creativity sectors who were among those mostly affected.

Additionally education, has been affected by the pandemic, as educators have been asked to rapidly adjust their whole educational methodology utilizing exclusively digital means and tools, while at the same time students had to learn through this new way. This was even more difficult for students with fewer opportunities who did not have the means (laptop/tablet etc.) to attend these online lessons.

As it is well known the acquisition of skills, knowledge and understanding in digital literacy and arts have beneficial effects on children’s education and on their social integration.

Additionally, existing studies note, that the arts provide immigrants a creative space for exploration and expression of identities, for challenging discrimination and social exclusion.

Having in mind the above, the Arts4All project, will combine creative arts learning with distant learning, to promote social inclusion and integration, through an innovative mobile application. At the same time educators, art teachers, youth trainers will be trained on the application and the produced educational material so they will use them in their activities utilizing new technologies and innovative practices and methodologies in the educational process.

The Arts4All project will adopt an integrated art pedagogical approach to enhancing the use of arts for social inclusion, using digital means.

The project’s objectives are to examine needs and best practices in the partner countries on using arts as a tool for inclusion while developing synergies between organizations focused on social inclusion and organizations in the culture and creative sector of the partner countries to develop new tools and methodologies in the education of arts. It also aims to provide a digital tool (Arts4All App) for learning through entertainment and to promote social inclusion on which the interested parties will be trained. Finally, it aims to promote the effectiveness and importance of arts to support the recovery of the cultural and creative sectors while promoting the idea of social cohesion.

Target Groups

The main target groups of the project will be young people, especially with migrant background and/or with fewer opportunities, educators, youth workers, organizations and individuals in the field of migration, social inclusion and the arts and the public.