Results / Intellectual Outputs

The Arts4All Curriculum

Using their knowledge and experience in the arts as a means of social inclusion, the partners experienced in the area of arts and creativity, will develop creative art lessons targeting adolescents, especially those with fewer opportunities and from migrant background. This will consist the Arts4All Curriculum which will be later transformed to mobile app. At the same time, they will develop the Art4All Manual to explain the curriculum to educators, art teachers, and youth workers for trainers. The manual along with the curriculum will be used during the trainings but it could also be easily used individually.

More specifically, experts in music, theatre and visual arts will develop courses during which the users, using cheap material easily found at home, will develop skills in music, theatre and the visual arts (e.g. composition with upcycling instruments, song writing, beatboxing, looping and sampling, phonetics, prose, scenario writing, drawing, sculpturing etc.). At the end of the courses the user will be encouraged to develop their own creations in cooperation with other users such as a song, or a theatre play, or a painting.

The Arts4All Curriculum will be uploaded here on the project’s website so it would be easily accessed and freely downloaded while it will be widely disseminated to stakeholders and interested bodies.

Language versions: English, German, Greek, Bulgarian

The Arts4All Mobile App and Open badges

Using the Arts4All Curriculum, the consortium leaded from CSI – “Center for Social Innovation!, will develop a mobile app providing creative arts lessons to adolescents. The app will be translated in the languages of the partners’ organizations and the users will be able to communicate with each other and share their thoughts and creations. At the end of the lessons the users will be encouraged to create their own piece of art, music etc in cooperation with users from other countries. Those creations will be disseminated through the project’s website and social media.

The mobile app will be tailored made on the needs of the users so to be user friendly at the maximum extent. For this reason, before the app development a special questionnaire will be disseminated to adolescents to collect their opinions on the design of the app, the communication methods etc. After developing, a pilot implementation with groups of adolescents in the partner countries will take place so to receive feedback for the users and adjust.

After the completion of the course by the users an open badge will be given to them. The open badge is an innovative kind of certification which can be used for the collection of various certificates. Its advantage is that it can be used as a networking tool among providers, while at the same time is an asset of the holders giving them motivation to participate in more courses, so they will develop further their badge.

The Arts4All Mobile App will be an application for mobile platforms (i.e. Android, iOS, Windows). In an era where the multidimensional usage of smartphones is massive, an innovative information and communication application will increase the penetration of the project outcomes to the wider public and in greater number of target groups’ members. The mobile application will be developed based on the online platform.

The following link will give you free access to the online course / smartphone application: