Piloting of the Arts4All e-learning platform / mobile application

A requirement for the completion of the Arts4All e-learning platform was the piloting with the target group (young people) in all partner countries. During these test runs, it was checked whether all language versions were complete and comprehensible, whether all functions and links of the platform worked properly and, of course, whether the young people liked the platform (choice of topics, exercises and the layout). In a questionnaire, the participants gave feedback on these topics, which was evaluated by the partners. Overall, the participants were very satisfied with the e-learning platform and there were only minor suggestions for improvement and indications of malfunctions, which were then taken into account in the final optimisation of the platform. A total of 4 piloting sessions took place in the partner countries with a total of 59 participants. The e-learning platform is the basis for the mobile application of the three Arts4All modules on smartphones.

Arts4All Multiplier Events
In the last months of the Arts4All project, multiplier events took place in all 4 partner countries to present the project and especially its results and products to a broad professional audience. Experts from the social sector and the arts and education sector were invited to the events (social workers, teachers, lecturers, students, artists, etc.). Another target group were stakeholders from the local and national networks of the partner organisations, who are important for the dissemination and sustainability of the project results. Besides the presentation of the results, the events had the aim to disseminate the application of its products (Arst4All Curriculum with its three modules and the smartphone application based on an e-learning platform) in the long term. A total of 5 multiplier events took place in the partner countries with a total of 70 participants.
International Arts4All Conference & Multiplier Event inDüren / Germany

In the final phase of the Arts4All project, the International ProjectConference, combined with a local multiplier event, took place on 19 April2023. In order to present the project to the public and to disseminate itsresults, the Sozialwerk Dürener Christen as lead partner had invitedrepresentatives of all 5 European partner organisations to Düren /Germany!

With the support of simultaneous interpreters, the partners presentedthe objectives, results and products of Arts4All to the experts audience /multipliers. A special highlight were 2 practical demonstrations from themodules “Music” and “Visual Arts” with a large group of youngparticipants from projects of the Sozialwerk Dürener Christen.

Multipliers as well as participants were impressed by the possibilities ofthe simple and effective implementation of the exercises.

The modules are available free of charge on the project website https://arts-4-all.eu/ for all interested parties.
The piloting of the electronic learning platform is currently underway andwill also be accessible via the website at the end of the project.

National Piloting Activity

You will soon find our first event here.