3rd Transnational Arts4All Project Meeting in Düren (19/20 April 2023)

In the final phase of the project, the third and final project meeting took place on 19 and 20 April in Düren / Germany. This meeting was linked to the International Conference / Multiplier Event, which also took place on 19 April in Düren with the participation of all project partners.

Towards the end of the project, the partners looked back on the successful course of the project and agreed on the remaining tasks and work packages. Overall, the partners summed up that all project goals and results had been successfully completed. These included in particularly the Arts4All curriculum and the mobile tool (based on an online learning platform) with its Open Badges.

Other important topics discussed during the meeting were the multiplier events in the partner countries, the piloting of the online learning platform, and the preparation for the Arts4All final report.  All partners were very satisfied with the results of the meeting and concluded that the project was very successful, even though Corona affected the start and the first steps of the project.

2nd Transnational Arts4All Project Meeting in Athens (19/20 July 2022)

After a long period of Corona restrictions, where the Kick Off Meeting and any interaction was only possible online, the project partners met in person for the first time at the 2nd project meeting in Athens. This meant that the two-day meeting also offered the opportunity for the first time to get to know each other personally outside the agenda.

Important topics of the meeting were the exchange on the development of the project (achievement of objectives, timetable, project management); the status of the work on the Arts4All curriculum and the further steps towards its completion; the first steps towards the development of the mobile tool based on an online learning platform and the update of the timetable with distribution of tasks among the partners.  All partners were very satisfied with the results of the meeting and especially welcomed the personal meeting of the project partners.

Kickoff Meeting

This kick-off meeting should be held in Cyprus. Due to Corona restrictions, the meeting was postponed several times (in the hope that a f2f kick off meeting would be possible). Unfortunately, since the Corona conditions did not improve, the meeting finally had to take place online on August 27th, 2021


The project meeting was used to establish the research, quality assurance, valorization and technology frameworks for successful project implementation. This meeting was also used to ensure that all partners clearly understand their role and function in the project and that the reporting and recording responsibilities are outlined and agreed.