Newsletter #4

Successful completion of the “Arts4All” project after 2 years of cooperation
-Presentation of Results-

“Arts4All – Art as a mean of social cohesion in the digital era”: that was the sloganand the idea 6 organizations from 4 European countries (Germany, Greece,Cyprus, Bulgaria) started with the project “Arts4All” 2 years ago.
Although the start of the project was complicated by the COVID restrictions atthat time and the first important kick-off meeting could only take place online,the first milestone of the project was soon reached and the curriculum with thethree arts modules “Visual Arts”, “Music” and “Theatre” became freely accessibleon the Arts4All website.
In the further course of the project, the partners met in person for the first timeface-to-face in Athens. There, the e-learning platform (also available as an app) was further elaborated.
In the last phase of the project, all partners piloted the platform with groups ofyoung people in their countries and used the results to make final improvementsto the online tool.
The curriculum with a relevant introduction and user’s manual as well as accessto the e-learning platform is now available on the Arts4All website in 4 language versions. All products can be downloaded and used free ofcharge. The e-learning platform will be accessible at least for the next 5 years,thus, multiplying the potential impact that the project attempted to create.
On the occasion of the completion of the project, the project partnership wouldlike to deeply thank all participants, stakeholders, and supporters who helped ithappen! Register to the platform, stay in touch, and put the arts in your daily life!